Good Government Coalition


The Good Government Coalition is a bipartisan, national organization dedicated to protecting Americans’ freedoms and rights.

We are focused on electing the next generation of common-sense leaders to state and local governments across the nation. In addition to electing pro-freedom candidates, the GGC is playing an active role in the increasingly consequential world of ballot initiatives. Our coalition is derived of top experts who monitor, rank and engage in key ballot initiatives across the country. As the fastest growing segment in politics, the impact of the citizen’s power to directly enact laws is having a huge effect on both the political landscape during election season, and ultimately, state policy.

States continue to serve as the laboratories for democracy and good governance. While more pro-freedom and growth states are thriving in the post-covid era, oppressive, big-government states have continued to lag behind in recovery.

The Good Government Coalition’s mission is to stop the extreme left’s movement to restructure America into a socialist nation. We support pro-growth, pro-freedom candidates, entities, and ballot initiatives that are aligned with our commitment to limited government, economic growth and law-and-order.